Car Rental


Car Rental

We can arrange to collect you from the airport and provide transportation during your stay, although most guests prefer to hire a car themselves for complete independence and flexibility.

All the major car rental companies operate from the airports and rates can be surprisingly economical.

Many people who hire cars do so via, who trawl through the available car rental companies and seem to get reasonable rates.

Another one to try is, who usually only need a deposit at time of booking, rather than the whole lot!

A local car rental firm that has offices at Valencia airport is Centauro, at It might be worth getting a local quote from them over the internet direct, and see how they compare with the holidayautos or argus trawl.

Apart from them, the usual car hire firms are at the airport – Hertz, Avis, etc. Another Spanish firm that is also good is Record, although I am not positive if they have offices at Valencia – they certainly do at Alicante.

If you only want to hire a car for some of the time that you are here, you can use any one of a number of local car rental companies in Gandia. Their rates are on the website, and if you want, I can go and reserve one for you for a few days of your stay. We have had guests in the past who have used them, and they have always been fine with no problems.

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