Valencia Airport


Easy Access to and from the UK and Northern Europe
The La Safor region is easily reached from Valencia Airport(VLC) by an excellent road network. Daytime flights from virtually all UK airports by budget airlines (EasyJet, Ryanair, Jet2, etc.) to Valencia Airport.

ValenciaThe City of Valencia, the third largest city in Spain, where even the train station is of architectural interest. Here you can visit one of the biggest indoor markets in Europe, a riot of colour and gastro-nomical delights. Wander round the old town amongst all the cafes and bars, take in the wonderful old buildings, the bull ring and its museum and theLas Fallas Museum is a must for those not able to be in the region during this fabulous fiesta.

DIRECTIONS FROM Valencia Airport
On leaving Valencia Airport, follow directions for the A3 motorway in the direction of Madrid. Keep on the A3 (only a few kilometers) until you get to the exit for the AP7 motorway, and take it in the direction of Alicante. Somewhat confusingly, you will see the road referred to on signs as the A7, the AP7 and the E15, but don’t worry, it is all the same road at this point! The ‘P’ part signifies that you are on (or heading for) a section of the motorway that is a toll road. The road does divide into the A7 and the AP7 after a few kilometers, but stick to the AP7 (staying in the overtaking lane ensures this!). This is the shorter route, rather than the longer, old inland road. You will go through a ticket booth where you take a ticket for the toll. You give this up at an automated paybooth on leaving the motorway, at which point you pay the toll (€5.05).

Keep on the AP7 until Exit 60, which is the exit for Gandia and the N332 road. Take this exit, and head in the direction of Alicante down the N332. The N332 is a coastal road, but incorporates a Gandia by-pass, so stick with the 332! As you go around Gandia on the 332, ignore all signs for Gandia and keep following the Alicante signs until you have passed through one tunnel. There are 2 tunnels – if you go through them both, you have gone too far! Take the exit after the first tunnel (there is only the one exit between tunnels) and this is for the CV675, which is our road. Take the 675 in the direction of Barx – left at the bottom of the slip road – (Gandia is the other way), and we are the first villa just after the 3 kilometer post, on the right hand side (almost immediately opposite a junction to the left). We front on to the road, so don’t head off up any side lane beside the villa! There is a new service road outside our front, which you enter immediately opposite the junction, at which point you are now driving along the front of the Villa. Turn right into the property, and park in the front courtyard there. There is a bell-push at the smaller entrance gate.

N.B. For those who have a SatNav, our co-ordinates are:
GPS N 38 58.949 W 00 14.188
(At Intersection of CV675 & Carril Convent de Ermita)