Jun 132013

Spanish-Property-1The government of Valencia has recently launched a new website aimed at providing prospective buyers with the information they need to buy property in Spain (Valencia) – www.buypropertyinspain.org.

The site provides information on the broad spectrum of mechanisms currently available to guarantee any real estate transaction. Through its different sections, the reader will obtain all necessary information to know the profile of all real estate market players: Their role and how they can help providing all necessary information to conclude, with the required guarantees, any real estate sale-purchase transaction in Comunitat Valenciana. Similarly, this web site provides the reader with extensive information on the regulations applicable to tenants and owners of housing, as well as many other useful tips to enjoy his/her stay in our region.

Minister for Infrastructure Isabel Bonig said at the launch in London on Wednesday 5th June:

  • “the region of Valencia has a lot to offer the property buyer.”
  • “It has a wonderful climate and world-class services such as healthcare that all adds up to a very high standard of living.”
  • “The buying process is secure and property has not been more affordable for a long time. It really is a good time to buy.”

The region of Valencia is made of three provinces, Alicante, Castellon and Valencia.

To live on the coast of Comunitat Valenciana, which is over 500 kms long and includes the coastal areas Costa de Azahar, Costa de Valencia and Costa Blanca, means to enjoy unmatched climatic conditions and cultural heritage as well as the nearness to a series of beaches whose quality has been recognized by the European Union through the blue flag distinctive.

Rural lifestyles are defined by direct contact with nature in an environment that facilitates contact with locals living in the rural community through which daily life is organized. The rural environment of Comunitat Valenciana is highly diversified: It covers the largest area, offers the richest landscapes and provides the broadest range of opportunity for outdoor activities.

Rural life is shaped around quietness and the appreciation of good company, clean air, appealing landscapes and gastronomy. It is chosen by people in search for the experience of submerging themselves into a form of life radically different from their own, in contact with nature. To live in one of the almost 1900 rural villages and their natural surroundings is to experience a lifestyle marked by healthy traditions and delicious gastronomy.

Urban lifestyles are an asset for the region’s competitiveness and quality of life, since they allow better access to the infrastructure and services required in a modern society. Advanced, cosmopolitan cities, designed to make life easier and to provide fast, efficient connections, advanced services and every comfort needed by citizens of any age. Comunitat Valenciana has several such cities, both on the coast and in inland.

Regarding the purchase of Spanish Properties by foreign citizens, the regions offers favourable conditions due to safety, facilities, market distance and presence of settled foreign population from various European countries.

So why not book one of our Property Inspection Trips to Spain and come and see the if you would like to Buy Property in Spain,Valencia.